The principles of KDP EZRA services rendition

  1. Each client has the right to claim free of charge basic consultancy targeted to social matters in order to find out about the solution to his/her adverse life situation or its prevention.

  2. The range and form of care and support respect the human dignity.

  3. They are formed by individually assessed needs and activate clients.

  4. They support the development of independence.

  5. They motivate to start with activities to (if possible) overcome adverse life situation.

  6. They motivate social inclusion.

  7. The services are provided in the best interest of clients and by highest standards as to thoroughly secure human rights and personal freedom abidance.

  8. The main methods through which goals are achieved are:

    • Social care services – personal assistance (see § 39 social act and. 108/2006 a edict 505, § 5)

    • Home health care – professional health care (according to skill 925)

    • Ergo therapy – Professional expertise of the ergo therapist is described in § 7, act no. 96/ 2004 (so called the act of non-medical health professions)

    • Ergo therapy utilities rental service – according to internal policies of KDP EZRA (Prague Jewish Community)

The capacity of provided services

The capacity of provided services depends on the individual range of services provided to each client who use the services on daily or monthly basis. In case of the whole capacity utilization of KDP EZRA, information about other institution providing health and social services is mediated to applicants.

How is the complex home care charged?

The conditions of financial charge of services are part of the contract closed with the client and are based on actual list of prices according to the law.
Health care prescribed by the attending physician is covered by the health insurance company; the care not prescribed by physician is covered according to the List of health functions with point values.
Social care is provided according to the list of prices.

Ergo therapy and ergo therapy utilities rental service is provided according to actual list of prices of Prague Jewish Community.