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Jewish monuments in the Czech Republic


Jews are settled in the historic Czech lands for more than thousand years. After their arrival during 9 century they founded many settlements throughout Bohemia and Moravia. The community was not too large but its cultural impact was great. For centuries they lived according to their traditions and customs and thanks to this many Jewish memorials can be seen throughout the Czech Republic. Hundreds of Jewish cemeteries are to be found here as well as 200 synagogues out of which at one in Brno and two in Prague (the Old-New Synagogue and the Jerusalem Synagogue) services are held to this day. Many Jewish Quarters exist in the Republic e.g. the Trebic Jewish Quarter which is listed on the UNESCO List of Monuments. But Jewish culture is not represented by monuments only.  Since 1906 there is a Jewish Museum in Prague and here valuable books, manuscripts and works of art are to be seen. In the town of Terezin in Northern Bohemia a Museum of Ghetto is to be found. During the years of their coexistence with the surrounding society Jews suffered much injustice discrimination and rejection. But there were also times when Jews were favored by their sovereigns and rulers and most of the Jewish monuments come from these times.

Restoration of Jewish Monuments in CR

            10 Stars – Revitalization of Jewish Monuments