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המחלקה הסוציאלית


“Mission of the Jewish Community of Prague lies, besides other goals, in providing or negotiating help and services to people in need and securing such support and care they need to be able to live in dignity while taking in consideration individual requirements and with a special focus on the specific needs of holocaust survivors.”

The Social Department is the place of first contact for anyone in need of socials services and help primarily for people belonging to the Jewish community and their close ones who find themselves in unfavorable social situation either because of age, loss of self sufficiency and illness of who find themselves in a critical life situation.

We provide:

  • Social activation  service for seniors and handicapped individuals

  • Social activation services for families with children

  • Home care

Members of the Social Department also provide information and contact to all other services provided by the Jewish Community of Prague such e.g.:

  • Personal assistance and home medical care provided by Complex Home Care EZRA

  • Nursing home for elderly and respite services at Hagibor Social Care Facility

  • Other publicly accessible social services


Monday till Thursday  9:00 – 15:00

(Other times on individual arrangement)

Tel.: + 420 222 310 951

E-mail[email protected]



Social activation service for families with children

Terrain and ambulatory work covers: social consultancy, psychological consultancy, excursions, relaxation stays, children summer camp, educational activities for parents, help through pregnancy and after childbirth, lunch deliveries and running of errands.

Communal family Center Gesher provides educational and community programs.

Services are provided in natural environment of the client – at home, at institutions or at the public premises of the Jewish Community of Prague.

Capacity: up to 20 families with children

Monday till Friday 8:00 till 15:00


M. A. Ivana Klodnerová Praksová

Tel.: + 420 224 800 819

E-mail: klonerova[email protected]


Social activation service for seniors and handicapped individuals

Terrain and ambulatory work covering: social consultancy, contact with social environment, help with coping with commonplace issues and problems, help line Dusiach – psychotherapeutic personal or phone contact with clients, memory training, lunch delivery, voluntary program. Special program is provided for socially handicapped individuals – social support and social accommodation, program of supported employment.

Services are provided in natural environment of the client – at home, at institutions or at public premises.

Total Capacity: up to 240 seniors and handicapped individuals

Monday till Friday 8:00 – 16:00


M. A. Jana Klabanová

Tel.: +420 224 800 822

E-mail: [email protected]


Home Care Service

Ambulatory and terrain service that helps clients with regular everyday activities at home – shopping, cleaning, help with hygiene, meals delivery, running of errands and escort, laundering and other service according to individual agreement. Social consultancy is also provided same as help in coping with commonplace issues and problems.

Services are provided in natural environment of the client – at home, at institutions or in public premises.

Capacity:  up to 35 seniors and handicapped persons

Monday till Sunday 8:00 – 20:00


Bc. Kateřina Paseková

Tel.: +420 226 235 150




Person interested in our services or in need of information may contact us by phone, e-mail or personally at the Social Department offices on the floor of the Jewish Town Hall at Maiselova Street 18, Prague 1.

Social worker will then visit the applicants for services in their home environment. In case that the applicant is hospitalized our workers will make contact there and visit the place of hospitalization and after discussions choose suitable services which can be provided. In case that consensus was not reached then contact to other organizations that provide social services will be given. 

  • After the scope of needed services is settled necessary forms are filled out. Client grants access to personal data and is informed how this data will be used. Further data is collected with the focus on provided services.

  • A person close to the client may be present at the talks if wished for by the client, e.g. relative, interpreter, proxy or guardian.

Aim of the service:

  • Support and development of self-sufficiency of the client in home environment.

  • Help in maintaining and acquiring social contacts and communication.

  • Maintaining of active, social and community life, prevention of loneliness and social exclusion.

  • Provision of information and support that may help the client to overcome difficult life situations.



Voluntary Program

The Social Department functions as a hosting organization for volunteers from abroad and from the Czech Republic as well. It takes part in corporate voluntary programs as well (see Voluntary Program bellow).

Café On the Balcony

Non-smoking training Café On the Balcony functions in the frame of Program of supported employment provided by the Jewish Community of Prague. Here persons handicapped on the labour market may find work (see

Education and Supervision

The Social Department established an educational seminar for workers and professionals interested:

  • A Course on the Ethical Origins of Judaism for Social Services - 5 hours, accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

  • Introduction to Judaism – 4 hourscourse on Jewish traditions and Jewish culture.

Dates and applications at [email protected]


Practice and Short-term Training

The Social Department offers the possibility of short-term training and practice to specialized high schools and university students.

Forms and practice and short-time trainings:           

  • Short-term (minimum of 30 hours)

  • Long-term (duration of month, semester or a year)

  • Continuous or in blocks


Mgr. Irena Němcová

Tel.: +420 224 800 822