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The Hagibor Foundation was founded on 7 December 2011 with the mission to acquire financial means which are then used for improving the life of seniors, primarily the survivors of Holocaust and other affected by the Holocaust as well and also supports social and health services needed by them. The Foundation was endowed by the Jewish Community of Prague with two houses, one in Karlova Street 185 and one in Lodecká Street 1184. Part of the yield from these houses is used to finance the social a health services for survivors of Shoah part is used to cover a part of the operational costs of the joint-stock company Matana that is in charge of upkeep of the above mentioned premises. The operational costs of the Foundation are also paid from this yield.

The Foundation commissioned the joint-stock company Matana with the upkeep of its estate. The Foundation has a one half-time employee who is in charge of all administrative work and looks after fulfilling all obligations as given by the state. The Foundation is managed by an Executive Board of 5 and controlled by Supervisory Board of 3 who all work for the Foundation voluntarily without payment with a five year term of office. Two members of the Executive Board one of them either the Chairman or a Vice-Chairman act publicly for the Foundation. According to the establishing document the members of the statutory authorities of the Foundation are elected by the Representation of the Jewish Community of Prague.

Once a year the Executive Board calls for application for grants with the dead-line of 30 September and this call is announced in the Rosh Chodesh monthly.


Executive Board

Chairman:       Jaromír Schling

Members:        David Kostka, Tamara Pavlíčková, Věra Semerádová, Vladimír Vihan


Supervisory Board

Chairman:       Pavel Král

Members:        Elise Peter Apelbaum, Harry Farkaš


Contact: Jana Kosáková

Maiselova 18, 110 00 Prague 1

Office: Jáchymova 3, Prague 1

Tel.: +420 222 311 570

E-mail: [email protected]

Renata Klodnerova: [email protected]

Accounting: Lenka Nohejlová: [email protected]


Komerční banka
Account: 107-1731360207/0100
IBAN: CZ5601000001071731360207