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Helping refugees from Ukraine

Refugee assistance is coordinated by the Social Services Department and you can call Ms. Wichsová or Ms. Nemcová or e-mail ([email protected]) with specific needs.  
We have set up a separate accounting center to keep track of our expenses and financial assistance, where we will record donations received and expenses incurred to help refugees.
We will be very happy if you support this activity of the municipality with a donation to the account 1936531399/0800 with the comment donation for Ukraine. We will regularly publish the expenses and income in this account.
Thus, everyone has the opportunity to participate in the form of financial assistance or as volunteers, as guides, as help for the housed.

We ask our members and friends to observe strict hygiene measures in the Jewish Community of Prague.

1) It is mandatory to wear a respirator indoors.

The exception is during meal times. Eating should ideally take place in the company of members of one's own household. Otherwise, it is advisable to keep a distance. When you have finished eating, for the safety of our members, we ask you to wear respirators.

(It only takes a few seconds to spread the delta variant, which is why KHS sends the unvaccinated to quarantine regardless of the length of contact, and the fact that the person without a respirator has been in contact with the infected is critical.)

From October 25 until further notice, only those with a valid health certificate (vaccination, valid test, confirmation of overcoming the disease) may enter the Shalom restaurant. Please respect this requirement and check this fact by the restaurant staff. Food will not be issued for consumption in the dining room without a validating certificate. Thank you for your understanding.

Restaurant  Shalom opening hours: 11.30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Meals must be ordered by phone or in person at the restaurant by calling 224 800 808 always the day before by 2 p.m. It is possible to order for several days in advance. For ordering food, only the phone number listed is valid. Again, the restaurant also provides Shabbat meals.

From Monday, 18 October, the Shalom restaurant will again offer mince pies.

2) We recommend and request sufficient hand sanitization before entering the common areas.

3) Spacing is recommended.

The above rules also apply to those who are vaccinated. The situation is serious. If we do not follow the recommended procedures, we risk spreading the infection in the community and, in this case, in our own community.
Recommendations for event organisers. Your responsibilities as an organiser are clearly outlined in the links:
If you have any questions, please consult our GP [email protected] .

Third dose vaccination against Covid -19
Vaccination against Covid-19 is already underway in our practice .
To make an appointment for the third dose of Covid-19 vaccination (if at least 6 months have passed since the second dose), please contact the GP's office at Hagibor ( tel. 226 235 262) or the Social Welfare Department. ŽOP Mrs. Irena Němcová (224 800 822, 603 218 238) or at KDP Ezra (272 738 332).

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