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Chief Rabbi of Prague


Výsledek obrázku pro rabín david peter

Rabbi David Peter was born in 1976 in Prague.

During compulsory military service, when he worked as a social worker in the Prague Jewish community, Rabbi Peter witnessed the difficulties prevailing at that time at the Prague‘s community. As a result of it, he made the decision to go to Israel and to study there the Talmud, rabbinical law and halachah with the intension to assist the local Jewish community in spiritual and material difficulties after his return.

Rabbi David Peter arrived in Israel in 1998 (5758) and  immediately he  began studying at the Israeli Institute of Jewish Studies - Mechon Meir. During the academic year he met there with Rabbi Yair Uriel (Orenstein), Z“L, and until his death in 2007, Rabbi Peter had the privilege of studying with him regularly in tandem (chavruta).

After completion of the preparatory year at the Institute Mechon Meir, Rabbi Peter decided to continue his studies at Yeshivat Ha-Kotel, headed by Rabbi Chaim Katz. Rabbi Peter joined this Yeshiva in 1999 (5759),  and he devoted himself to studying.

To penetrate deeper and expand his knowledge of Jewish Halachah, Rabbi Peter decided to continue  his studies at the Merkaz ha-Rav, which he joined in 2005 (5765).

Rabbi Peter dedicated next 6 years to studies at this prestigious Yeshiva, where he focused on preparing for the exam to obtain rabbinical ordination, which he subsequently received from the Head of Yeshiva, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, and from Rabbi Yehoshua Magnes as well.

At the same time Rabbi Peter also completed professional preparation at the Straus-Amiel Institute under the leadership of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Rabbi Eliyahu Birnbaum.
The Straus-Amiel Institute focuses on training rabbis and teachers for Jewish communities in the Diaspora. After two years of a thorough study, Rabbi Peter concluded his studies at this institution by obtaining rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Riskin.

Moreover, Rabbi Peter received rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg.

In September 2011 (5771), Rabbi Peter along with his wife returned to his hometown Prague, and  he started working as assistant rabbi. He helped to solve various problems that have arisen in the Community.

Rabbi Peter at this time also contributed to the strengthening of vigorous and flourishing Jewish community gathered around Prague’s Jerusalem Synagogue. He ensured a regular minyan and wide range of Jewish activities, which are run here.

In the summer of 2014, Rabbi Peter was elected to be Chief Rabbi of Prague. In this position he primarily takes care to preserve the unified Jewish character of the venerable Prague’s Community.

Rabbi Peter provides members of the Community with advices and recommendations for both human and practical issues and he strives to preserve relics of the Prague’s Jewish Community, tragically stigmatized by Holocaust.