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MANTIC Project

Manifestations of Antisemitism in the Czech Republic – Monitoring, Analyses, Reporting and Application in Education (MANTIC) project was co-financed by the European Union through the CERV program. The project was implemented by three partner organizations: the Jewish Community of Prague (JCP), the Federation of Jewish Communities in Czech Republic (FJC) and the Jewish Museum in Prague (JMP).

The main goal of MANTIC project was to fight against antisemitism, the project focuses mainly on:

  • improvement of monitoring antisemitic incidents

  • support to reporting antisemitic incidents by Jewish entities and general public

  • release of the Annual Report on Antisemitic incidents in the Czech Republic

  • presentation of the conclusions of the Annual Report to the general public and governmental authorities

  • increase of awareness among pupils and students about current antisemitic incidents

  • support for teachers and educators

The two-year project MANTIC started in January 2022 under the registration number 1011049084.

  • The Jewish Community of Prague was responsible for the overall coordination of the entire project, ongoing monitoring and assessment of antisemitic incidents.

  • The Federation of Jewish Communities in CR prepared the Annual report on antisemitic incidents on the basis of data provided by JCP and ensures the media coverage of the report..

  • The Jewish Museum in Prague used the Annual Report on Antisemitic Incidents in its educational programs for pupils, students and teachers.


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