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Video Invitation

Video Invitation

Greetings from the Jerusalem Synagogue 

Realization by Václav Peter and Vladimír Sonntag, Václav Peter plays the organ, theme by Helena Becková, see zde

Preludium C-dur  by Josefa Norberta Seegera.  Václav Peter plays the organ, realization by Vladimír Sonntag, see zde

Gaetano Felice Piazza: Sonata in F a due Organi. Jitka Chaloupková a Václav Peter play the organ, see  zde

Marcello Benedetto: Adagio, Václav Peter  plays the organ, see  zde

Shavuot 2021

See greetings from the Jerusalem Synagogue​  zde

Prepared by Václav Peter and Vladimír Sonntag, with Václav Peter on organ, theme by Helena Becková.

An invitation to the reopened Jerusalem Synagogue, one of the most beautiful buildings in the Moorish style.

Video here